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CASARC Offices are located at 995 Potrero Avenue in Building 80 between 21st and 22nd Streets. The Interview Center is located in the Basement of Building 80 and the Administrative and Mental Health Offices are located on the Second floor.

To plan your trip using bay area public transportation, use or call 5-1-1.

The following MUNI (San Francisco Municipal Railway) buses will take you to CASARC.

  • The #9,
  • the #33,
  • the #48,
  • the #27
    (requires walk of at least three blocks; get off between 22nd and 24th streets and proceed east)
  • and the #19
    (requires walk of at least three blocks plus crossing over the freeway at 23rd street [use the overpass]; get off near 23rd and proceed west)

Driving Directions & Parking:

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There is visitor parking in front of Building 80 on Potrero Avenue and metered parking on the side of Building 80. There is also parking available in the lot by the Main Hospital and in the Parking Garage on 23rd Street.

Child and Adolescent Support
Advocacy and Resource Center

995 Potrero Ave
San Francisco, CA 94110
Tel: (415) 206-8386
Fax: (415) 206-6273


Other Numbers to Call

  • San Francisco Police Department
    Emergency: 9-11
    Non-emergency: (415) 553-0123
  • Comprehensive Child Crisis (24 hours) (415) 970-3800
  • San Francisco Child Abuse Hot Line (415) 558-2650
  • San Francisco Victims of Crime (415) 553-9044
  • Trauma Recovery Center/Rape Treatment Center
    (415) 437-3000