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If your child has experienced abuse, it probably has affected the entire family. Your child may express emotions and engage in behavior that is difficult for you to understand. You may be having thoughts and feelings that are difficult to deal with. CASARC has specially trained clinical psychologists who will help you identify ways the trauma has affected you and your family, and will assist you in recovering from negative impacts of the abuse.


Our psychologists provide short-term assistance in dealing with a disclosure, are available to answer questions about childhood abuse, and offer longer-term therapy as needed. They will meet with you and your child to determine whether therapy could be useful, and what type of therapy would best meet your child’s needs. Your child’s psychologist will identify and measure various impacts of the trauma, and will develop a treatment plan specific to your child or family. Therapy is offered until symptoms of abuse have diminished and treatment goals are met.

Individual, group, and family interventions are available. Our psychologists make use of the most current research-based interventions when providing treatment.

If you would like to know more about our mental health services, or would like to make an appointment, call 415-206-8386.